Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Breathtaking Junk!

If you came across a pile of old rubbish, would you stand there and think "if I place this pile of old rubbish in a certain way and then shine a light behind it so that it cast a shadow onto a blank wall, could make it look something like this?":
Dirty White Trash (With Gulls) 1998
or this...
SHE (part of a diptych) 2004
or even this...

Miss Understood & Mr Meanor 1997

It's incredible isn't it?  This is the work of duo Tim Noble and Sue Webster both contemporary artists.  Their creations reflect a breathtaking vision of how we can turn something, previously used but currently redundant, into something stunning.  Noble and Webster take normal everyday objects and arrange them in such a way that when a light is projected through the objects that they create an identifiable image shadowed on to a background.
Such is their contribution to the British contemporary art scene and their influence on the younger generation of artists that they were both awarded Honorary Degrees of Doctor of Art at Nottingham Trent University in 2009.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Product photography

There is always a sense of catchup when there has been a school holiday and something has to suffer.  In this case it has been my ability to blog.  I have, however, managed to snap half and hour here and there to have a go at getting the photography of my work to a better standard.   It has not been easy.  I wait for the day to be bright but not too sunny.  Shadows are an issue.  I have a lamp that has a bulb which is supposed to mimick daylight, that I have tried to use to get rid of the shadows, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.  You can buy mini kits such as this one but it can mean a bit of a financial outlay.

But the results are good:
See http://www.beadphotography.com/ for more information

I don't really have the funding to purchase such items but do have a little bit of a geek tendancy.  I have  tried to recreate a lightbox effect using photoshop and with a bit of sucess, I have figured out how to lighten and square the images and then lighten the background to make the background melt away making the item stand out a bit more.  I am fairly happy with the end result but not totally because there is still that shadowing.


"Disunion Jack"

If you look at my previous post you will be able to compare the original "Spirals" image with the one above that I have manipulated using photoshop.  The next task is to get rid of that shadowing and I think I may have a solution.