Thursday, 31 December 2020

A Note to the New Year

 One of the ways of improving your sense of wellbeing, very quickly, is to re-frame your thinking from "what did not go well" to "what did go well".  In other words, to focus on some positives.

This is something we should apply to the last 12 months or so which has, universally, been a year of many challenges and upsets.  A simple but effective little virus has highlighted the flaws in our global society and prompted us, collectively and as individuals, to re-assess how we live and what is really important.

There are always positives if you look for them:

  • Communities and individuals have pulled together to support each other
  • Notes have gone through letterboxes offering to help with shopping etc
  • Social media has ensured our young (and not so young) can keep in contact with friends
  • Front line medical staff have battled through to care for us and our loved ones
  • Key workers - like delivery workers have ensured we get our stuff - delivered usually on time despite massive workload
  • Researchers have worked tirelessly to find a vaccine
  • Support groups have formed, of all kinds, globally
  • We have turned to (improving) technology to help us to still meet, converse and enjoy each others company - skyping/zooming/watching online live performances
  • People have joined together to show appreciation and support for our services, especially the NHS
  • Many of us have had more time, especially in lockdown, to think and reflect
  • We have taken up new activities or project in lockdown
  • We have come to appreciate how important nature is to us - on our exercise walks, in our gardens, or on our cycle rides (bike sales have rocketed in the past year!)
  • We are reading more
  • We are exercising our creativity
These are some of the positives on which we can build.  I am sure you can think of many more.  Perhaps you could write them down - make a simple list.  The process of writing can help you to achieve a sense of calm and of having some control - which is why you might also consider attending the Little Bird SOS online event "A Note to the New Year - Writing for Wellbeing" on Thur 14 Jan from 2pm, with guest presenter Katie Sone.  This is a free event - more information and registration are at the link below:

Meeting information and registration

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Upcycled Baubles

This was our last workshop of 2020 where we shared some colourful and creative ideas for making baubles by upcycling materials from around the home.

**Coming Soon** Recording of live event

Below we have researched links to others that inspired our making as well as recommendations for further research/reading:


Christmas Paper Baubles by Blush Crafts: 

3 Upcycled Christmas Decorations Using Recycled Materials by Aboderie: 

Joy Decoupage Christmas Ornaments by Ann’s Entitled Life: 

Honeycomb Ornament Tutorial by House Revivals: 

Glitter Ball Yarn Ornaments by One Little Project 

Pretty Paper Ornaments by It’s Always Autumn: 

Scrap Fabric Twine Recycled Christmas Ornaments by My Poppet Makes: 

Easy Granny Crochet Christmas Baubles by Annie Design Crochet: 

Temari by Yarndance 

Keep an eye on our website for forthcoming events via our website.  In the meantime check out our ‘Getting Creative’ section where you will find lots more ideas. 

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Origami Garlands

This week we made these beautiful garlands from upcycled materials. Ideal for the festive season, super gifts, and easily adapted for home decorating or celebrations at any time of the year:

**Coming Soon** Recording of live event

Here you will find a template, to print at home, that will help with making the stars in the above image. 

Below we have researched links to others that inspired our making as well as recommendations for further research/reading:

Paper Stars 

Fold an Origami Star in 5 Simple Steps by It’s Always Autumn: 

Paper Stars: A DIY Guide by The Nordic Kitchen: 

Hand Drawn Recycled Cardboard Stars by Jennifer Rizzo: 


Paper Baubles 

Pretty Paper Baubles by Torie Jayne: 

Tutorial Origami Ball by Giochi Di Carta: 



How to Use your Wrapping Paper Scraps to make a Gorgeous Holiday Garland by People: 

Friday, 4 December 2020

Advent Envelopes

This week we showed participants how to make and decorate envelopes with a range of techniques, including mono-printing. These envelopes can be used as an advent calendar, posted, or left in your community to share goodwill and happiness.

Click the image and watch recording of live event here

Advent Envelopes 

How to Make a Family Activity Advent Calendar by Canadian Family 

Homemade Paper Envelope Advent Calendar by Pillar Box Blue 

35 Advent Calendar Ideas by Glitter and Caffiene: 


Monoprinting by Peter Clayton: 

Monoprinting – Tate Gallery: 

Toilet Roll Tube Calendars 

DIY Advent Calendar with Toilet Roll Tubes by Casa Hause 

Christmas Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar by Woman’s Day: 

Inspirational Messages Ideas: 

Leave a Note for a Stranger by Michael Bonnell: 

Kindness Calendar by Action for Happiness: 

Keep an eye for forthcoming events via the ‘Getting Creative’ section on our website.  You will also find links to our previous events there too.