Recycled cushions that smell of the countryside!

Cushions everywhere just waiting to be stuffed with sheeps wool.  It's been  a bit of a learning curve with the felting and rope making.  It took me several attempts to get the ropes to a standard that I was happy with but I got there in the end.  I have a desire to make flowers.  This seems to be a popular choice with many.  I did sucumb, as you will see from the pictures but there are some flowerless shapes too.  The cushions, I make, are stuffed with Cornish organic wool and are so soft.  You can smell the lanolin in them.  I gave one to a prosepective buyer once and she inhaled deeply with her eyes closed and said "Mmm, I smell the countryside.  It's gorgeous"!
A sneaky peek at my next batch of recycled cushions


  1. Wow! these are gorgeous! I have been dying to have a go at felting jumpers but seem to have been given about 20 acrylic ones!


  2. Hi JuicyFig, charity shops and car boots are where you will find the real wool jumpers. They need to contain at least 80% wool if you want them to felt properly.
    Thanks for the lovely compliments. Gratefully received!


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