Would you look at all these jumpers i've acquired.  They're all made from at least 80% pure wool.  I'm not going to wear them, i'm going to felt them.  I love working with felt.  I am not so keen of the synthetic stuff that you get from your standard craft shop.  I much prefer proper handmade felt especially if it is made from old woolly jumpers like these:
This is only about a quarter of the wool jumpers that I have acquired!

cut into strips ready for the felting process
The one thing that I have been meaning to do for a long time is make felt ropes.  The process is a bit of a faf but they look good when done, if I can do it right, and are very versatile.  I found out about felt ropes via the maya*made website.  From here I was able to link to a tutorial available from Odile Gova at Woollyfabulous, a very clever lady who makes the most gorgeous items from felt:
Felt daisy and rose zipper bracelet
Felt daisy and rose zipper bracelet by woollyfabulous
I won't tell you the process for making the ropes because I am sworn to secrecy but you can find out by going to this link.  Here is the end result of my efforts:
They  just need de-fuzzing!

I can tell you, my arms and wrists really ache from making these but I am fairly pleased with the result.  The thing is, what do I do with them?  Any suggestions?


  1. I'm so excited that you made some and your stripes are fabulous! They'd make great bracelets... maybe with spring blossoms ... and you just reminded me to make some more! Have fun!

  2. Thisn is super clever! It looks really fun to do :)

  3. Felting always seems such a wonderful thing to do. I've only really managed it a couple of times, with the kids, through a tuition session, and we've enjoyed it both times. I really, really must do some more - so worth the effort. I absolutely love the little flower bracelet - gorgeous. Elaine


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