Fabulous Fabric Pompoms

This is the first of our new mini-series showing how to create a unique and useful stash of craft materials for free from items that usually go to waste. 

The theme for this session is Fabric where we show how to magically transform worn or unwanted bed linens, clothes and other household fabrics into yarn for crafting projects. In the video below we show how make this yarn into gorgeous pompoms and make fabric beads with the smaller pieces of left over material and threads. Every bit of fabric is  put to good use in ways you may never have thought of!

Click on image to see 'how to' video

You will need the following for this activity:
  • Cardboard - a cardboard or cereal box will work well
  • Paper and fabric scissors
  • A large drinking glass to make your pompom template
  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper*
  • Woven cotton fabric - look for unwanted bedsheet, quilt covers, pillowcases, shirts, blouse etc