Twisting Yarn

Learn how to make yarn from cotton clothing, socks, tights and t-shirts with no specialist equipment. We demonstrate how to select and prepare your fabric, and then how to twist yarn using just a pencil or stick.

Click on image above to see 'how to' video

In the recording, of our live event (available soon) we show how to choose and prepare fabric to make single strands of yarn and later how to ply 2 strands together to ensure that the twist is 'locked'. If you'd like to have a go gather the following things together:
  • Woven fabrics - i.e. shirts, pillowcases, bedsheets, saree fabric (woven fabrics are not usually stretchy)
  • Knitted knitted fabrics - i.e. t-shirts, socks, tights (usually stretchy fabric)
  • Scissors 

Keep an eye on our website for forthcoming online events: