Fabric Brooch

Find out how to transform simple materials found around the home into this rosette style corsage that can be pinned to your clothes, worn in your hair or as a wristband.

You will need the following for this activity:
  • Template pattern
  • Heavy weight fabric - felt/felted wool blanket or jumper will work well
  • Selection of complementary coloured textiles - look for old pillowcases, shirts or dresses both plain or patterned also interesting textiles such as lace or net curtains.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing kit and thread to match chosen materials
  • Brooch or safety pin
  • Headband or elastic depending on how you would like to wear your brooch*

In the recording of the event, above, we show how to prepare your materials, how to use our free downloadable template, and assemble your pieces into a corsage using easy stitch techniques. The finished piece will measure approx 9 - 10cms in diameter and would be great as a gift or used for a special occasion.

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