Tiny Ransom Notes

We recently welcomed guest presenter Sarah Sharp, a writer and musician based in Sheffield. Lyrics and narrative are a central part of her songwriting but the isolation of lockdown led to a creative slump. Sarah began experimenting with found poetry, using words cut out of magazines and junk mail, as a way to get past the fear and pressure of the blank page. The little post-it poems she developed now have their own Instagram as Tiny Ransom Notes (they are not ransom notes - but this was her mum's appraisal of them!).

In the workshop Sarah explained her process, encouraging participants to 'forage' for words in their recycling, then guided us through a number of mini writing tasks.

As an artistic practice it's both therapeutic and liberating, everyone has the potential to create stories and worlds using the things that already exist around us. 

Click on image above to see gallery of creativity from the workshop

We hope that this will inspire you to find enjoyment playing with words to create stories and poems.  Here are a few links that Sarah recommends:

This session was not recorded but please check out Sarah's instagram page for inspiration or website for forthcoming similar workshops.

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