Let's Go #LeafBombing

We’re inviting you take part in a community activity this half term - ‘LeafBombing’. What does it involve? Just collect, then decorate a leaf or three, go for a walk and leave (leaf) them as precious surprises for people to find.

Hopefully finders will enjoy coming across your leaf and be intrigued. Our wish is to continue to help others improve their health and wellbeing through creativity. We need this more than ever right now.
You could write a positive message on your leaf as well if you wish, or add our website www.littlebirdsos.co.uk if you’d like to direct finders to our growing creative online community.

We’d love to see pictures of your leaf drops, just the hashtag #leafbombing on social media or tag us in your photos.  

Here are some examples of decorated leaves that have been left for finders so far. 

Here's a trailer for a little video we're editing at the moment. You will also find lots of ideas about how to decorate your leaves in the links below. 

Painting on Leaves

Autumn Leaf Art by Workspace Wednesday:


Painted Leaves by Nininoes:


Painted Leaves by Alisa Burke:


Stitching on Leaves

Leaves and Cotton Thread by Susanna Bauer:


Teach Your Children how to Sew on Leaves by Mother Natured:


Keep an eye on our website for forthcoming events via our website.  In the meantime check out our ‘Getting Creative’ section where you will find lots more ideas.