Leaf Bowls :: autumnal crafting

This week we made delicate translucent bowls from autumn leaves. Leaf bowls can be used as decorative bowls, lit up with LED candles, or put to many other uses. 

This is a lovely crafting activity to do after a walk collecting leaves.  You will need to keep the leaves hydrated before making by putting them in an airtight bag or container - if the leaves dry out and become crispy they will be difficult to mould around your bowl shape and may even disintegrate.  

click on the image above to access our film showing you how to make a leaf bowl

To make these bowls you will need the following items:

  • A bowl - size and shape you want your leaf bowl to be
  • A little cooking oil
  • Cling film (we used eco film) or a thin plastic bag
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue - and a dish for it to go in
  • Paint brush (for the gluing)
  • Tin can - preferably unused - to raise your bowl off your worksurface
  • Leaves - When you forage for your leaves, pop them in a bag to keep them lightly hydrated!
It can get messy so make sure your workspace has a protective covering.

Here are a few of the bowls we made as examples for our online event:

This is a completed bowl with 2 layers of leaves

This bowl was made from long thin willow leaves and cut to get a straight edged rim

This completed bowl has a single layer and is more delicate & translucent than 2 layers

This miniature bowl was made from the dead flowers from a hydrangea bush

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Keep an eye on our website for forthcoming post reminding you how to make your own leaf bowl from natures discards via our ‘Getting Creative’ tab.   You will also find links to previous online events, we have run, from here: www.littlebirdsos.co.uk