Crafting with Leaves

This week, we embellished autumn leaves using a range of decorative techniques. This is a lovely activity to do after a walk collecting leaves. We demonstrated a number of crafting methods and showed a few ideas for using crafted leaves in a creative way:


Below we have researched links to others that inspired our making as well as to wonderful artists who use natural materials:

Painting on Leaves 

Autumn Leaf Art by Workspace Wednesday: 

Painted Leaves by Nininoes: 

Painted Leaves by Alisa Burke: 

Stitching on Leaves 

Hand Embroidered Magnolia Leaves by Heather O’Donnell 

Leaves and Cotton Thread by Susanna Bauer: 

Teach Your Children how to Sew on Leaves by Mother Natured: 

Leaf Flowers 

Autumn Leaf Roses by Mangpysslare: 

Ideas for Using Decorated Leaves: 

Painted Leaf Mobile by Artbar: 

Fall Leaves Wreath by Alisa Burke: 

A Wreath of Maple Leaf Roses by 365slojd:  

Other Links 

Using Posca Pens – Hints and Tips by Posca: 

Autumn Colour Brings Joy to UK’s Growing Band of ‘Leaf Peepers’ by Steven Morris: 


Keep an eye on our website for forthcoming events via our website.  In the meantime check out our ‘Getting Creative’ section where you will find lots more ideas.