Painting Feathers :: Dream Catchers Part 1

This week in our online workshop we showed participants how to decorate feathers using a range of techniques. This is a lovely meditative crafting activity which required taking some time before the event to get outdoors for a walk and find some feathers. 

Please look at our Part 2 post for a film about making and decorating a dream catcher with painted feathers.
If you would like further ideas for decorating, or indeed making your own feathers if you don't have any real ones to hand, we have put together this collection of links to our favourite sites that that inspired us:
Painting Feathers

DIY Painted Feathers by BLDG25: 

Beautify your Fall with Painted Feathers by Think.Make.Share: 

How to Make Glitter Feathers by The Mad House: 

Trimming Feathers by The Feather Place: 

When you don’t have feathers 

Book Page Feather Garland by Life is a Party: 

DIY Fabric Feathers 3 Ways by 100 Layer Cake: 

DIY with Duct Tape by Crème de la Craft: 

How to Make a Macrame Feather by TwoMe: 

Feather Identification 

Common Feathers in the UK by The Woodland Trust: 

We hope this inspires you to have a go at painting feathers. Check our website for future online events and for other ideas for 'Getting Creative'.