Dreamcatchers Part 2: weaving beauty from scraps

Following on from last weeks online workshop where we showed participants how to make and paint feathers, this week we demonstrated how to construct and weave dream catchers using a willow hoop and yarn. We finished off the piece by decorating with scraps of fabric found around the home, finally adding the painted feathers.

If you would like further ideas for making your own dream catcher, we have put together this collection of links to our favourite sites that that inspired us: 

How to Make Dream Catchers 

How to Make a Dream Catcher by The Journey Junkie: 



Dream Catchers: Legends, History and Origins by Dream Catcher: 

Other Inspiration 

Scraps Scraps Everywhere and Not a Scrap to Spare by Pattern Revolution 

Bright and Easy Dream Catcher by A Subtle Revelry: 

Fibre Feather Dream Catcher DIY by Studio Knit: 

We hope this inspires you to have a go at making your own dream catcher. Check our website for future online events and for other ideas for 'Getting Creative'.