Stick Weaving

For this weeks session we showed participants how to create a beautiful miniature wall-hanging from fabric, yarn and sticks found around the home. The colours chosen for this piece, were inspired by a scene over the harbour wall at St Ives, in Cornwall, looking towards the Hayle Estuary:

Although it might help to be inspired by a picture, it's not always necessary. You could just use colours that inspire or create an abstract piece. Having a choice of colours and textures adds tactile interest to your piece though.

You can buy weaving sticks from craft shops or online but we love to think of alternative ways of making crafting equipment from the resources to hand in your own home. For this project, we used bamboo chopsticks with a small hole drilled at the handle end. We have weaving sticks, made from pencils, available for sale on our website.

This process is explained in more details in this film we made showing the steps for making a wall hanging like the one above:

Click image above to access our stick weaving film

If you would like to make a bigger weaving using this method then you might like to try using a peg loom. The sticks, also known as pegs, are held in a block of wood instead of your hands. Below are links to tutorials for making a peg loom and also how to use a peg loom:

How to Make a Peg Loom by Crafting Together

Beginners Peg Loom Weaving by Craftyism

Below are links with suggestions for the things you can make with these techniques:

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Worsted Guild of Weavers, Spinner and Dyers by Lesley Bone

Peg Loom Rag Rug by The Mini Smallholder

We hope this inspires you to have a go at stick weaving. Check our website for future online events.