Paper Flower Making

To welcome the spring, we've been making paper flowers at our Revive arts for health workshops.  They're very easy to make but very effective. We have kept some for ourselves to to give to others and some have been left in our local community coffee shop with a 'Take me, i'm yours'  label attached.  We happened to have had lots of colourful papers donated to us but you could easily paint over newspaper and use this to make the flowers like these ones we made:

We used  a few different tutorials to help us with our paper flower but this was our most favoured:

We found these DIY Paper Flowers, by Trendyss,  really simple but effective too.

And these Paper Hyacinth Flowers, by One Little Project, rather cute.

 Making paper flowers may not necessarily cost you much in materials.  

We love this Paper Rose Flower Tutorial, by Smile Mercantile, made from old book pages.

We hope this inspires you to have a go at making your own paper flowers. Check our website for online events we are running, at the moment.