We need to drink more wine!

Even though it’s a beautiful day I really struggled to get out of bed this morning, I’m just feeling so tired and my bed was so cosy.......  As a result I was late, thankfully I didn’t do the usual self flagellation and sorted myself out and turned up, bringing my breakfast with me.  I’m trying so hard to talk positively to myself, it’s a complete challenge.

Again, Lisa came up with a little corker to make things out of wine corks.  The basic idea of slicing the corks meant that you could let your imagination go wild and create to your heart’s content.  


A teapot coaster in progress

Little tree hangings

Fantastic Mr Fox

Thankfully Lindsey and Lisa have taken some photos, because it’s difficult to express the emotion of what we’ve produced with words, because it’s the journey of creating that we get so much healing from, rather than the finished product.