Frustration and Elation

I came to Little Bird SOS with a bit of a cloudy head and my thoughts just longing to be back in bed, but knowing how much I enjoy this place, I dragged myself along.

So, t-bag folding, I found it to be quite therapeutic, with the precise folds and systematic gluing that was required but others found it frustrating bringing back memories of schooldays and less than patient school teachers!

I think a massive congratulations should be given to all of us because everyone created something beautiful and all went away calm, with Lisa's help.

For all of you continuing t-bagging at home, I hope you have loads of fun and for those of you who didn't find it your cuppa tea, you can cross that off the list and look forward to another week when we will be trying some new xxxx

A massive thank you to Anna who showed Lisa this technique that could be passed on to others!