Foam Parties and Titillation

When an activity has brought out my inner beast, I know it's been a good one!   Thank you so much Jules, we all had a great time this morning marbling with foam and the comments it brought out in people were quite surprising; "It's like a foam party" and "it's taking me back to making mud pies" or "I never realised I could create until I came here" and "when I'm here I spend time wondering what the heck I'm doing and by the time I've finished I think, wow!"
Never stop playing!
Everyone's piece was so unique it shows how so many different people can come together and create an inspiring, therapeutic and supportive environment.  What a haven Little Bird SOS has become, thank you so much Lisa Pidgeon for belligerently keeping this group going.  

I asked if the group could give me some comments or words they heard, felt or thought during the morning (some are above, the rest, I wasn't sure how to put them into the blog without being overly suggestive), tactile, sensuous, a few organisms were discovered, beasts were released, no soft pornography please were British, titillation and elation............. As you can imagine a good time was had by all.
We used our marbled sheets to make beautiful envelopes

Battle on fellow warriors who experience the dark side of life xxx



  1. You're very welcome danae i had a fab time delivering the workshop and I'm so pleased i brought some joy and a new skill to such lovely ladies! Julua x


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