Community support

What an amazing, creative, supportive, nurturing  morning with a real community feel where people in the group are supporting each other, within and beyond the doors of Little Bird SOS.  I'm not very organised at home and I love to see and feel the organisation within the room, giving freedom to express and create.
We made owls, mice and hedgehogs this morning, by giving life to old sweaters; it's so empowering to achieve something.

As you may realise from previous blogs I'm a big fan of Karen Salmansohn, on facebook, who created a piece of art which said; 'you are 100% successful in getting through each day'.  The full meaning didn't  really hit me until I started working on my self-esteem, with the fabulous psychotherapist Jo DeVries, and I found my inner growl and started saying YES!  I'm fricking doing it!!!  Come on!!!

So I salute all you owl, mice and hedgehog makers out there who, like a warriors fought your demons, got yourselves out of bed and into the room that is LittleBirdSOS.