Oh wow :: what a day, week, year!

Today's biggest challenge was getting out of bed, on time (10am) and get here in-time (10.30am).  Because Friday mornings are my time for myself, to do some self discovery and feel good.  and oh my goodness, I did it! Oh ok, I hadn't brushed my hair, or teeth, or had a wash, or my breakfast, or my tablets or a drink, but I shoved the essentials into a bag or pot and got myself here.  I remember someone saying they had been told by Steve Wright (radio 2 broadcaster for about 30+ years) that "the vast amount of success comes from turning up every day" and Karen Salmonson, an artistic blogger on facebook, wrote, "be kind to yourself, cause, even flowers don't bloom all year". Also, a formerly homeless friend has said... "happiness is a fresh pair of knickers".  So, all that achieved, I've had a successful morning!

View over the city of Leicester from the studio door

There have been some beautiful things said this morning and I didn't have any paper to write them on and cause I've got an awful memory I've forgotten them, but one thing that Lisa said today was, "we are all beautifully individual and thank goodness we are, that's what makes the world a wonderful place".  So come as you are and you'll be accepted however you are.

OMG, I made a wooden tree today and I love it!  It was started last week by Lisa and everyone else but I had to take some time and partake in self care last Friday by sleeping all day (long story) but I gave myself a pat on the back for looking after myself.  

This fantastic activity was designed by our fabulous volunteer, Jen!

So there was also another activity to do; rag rugging poinsettia.   I'm running out of time to do this blog now (for today) so, any questions, I'm here Friday mornings 10.30am till 12.30pm.  Ta-ta, see you later and be kind to yourself,