Be Your Own Best Friend

Everyone has a first time through the door at Little Bird SOS and sometimes it can be the biggest act of kindness, to yourself, you can do.  Taking that step through our door is, or will be, one of the first steps towards self care and self love.  'Loving yourself and being kind to yourself is not a selfish act, it is an absolute necessity', (Karen Salmonsohn).  David Gauntlett said in his book, 'Making is Connecting', people who make things, engage with the world and make connections with each other, and that is certainly the case when you come along to Little Bird SOS.
Be careful though guys, because there are side effects of coming here; seeing beauty in bits of rubbish and making collections with excuses like "I could make something with/out of that"!  You can become cursed with so many collections and a resulting reduction  of space.  I love it, but don't tell anyone, shh, hehe!

Our stash of scrap papers - discarded by others!

We made trees out of paper today and in turn made cards or battery tea light covers with them.  (oh, I've just noticed the irony in that, hehe.  The books we cut up were destined for land fill, honestly.   One item, I hasten to add (a Birmingham A-Z) was saved from the recycling bin.  The trees looks fab, you can do it with any paper and card...... some more stuff you can save.

Pattern for the trees can be found on Hattifant's website

On a sad note, we said goodbye to Jo today.  Jo has been on her work placement from Loughborough University and She has made a massive impact on the group, not only by her presence but for the phenominal  contribution she's made to fundraising, designing and creating items, organising craft fairs and posters to making a drink for each of us.  Additional to this, we calculated that Jo has contributed towards raising over £1400!   Good luck for your future Jo and congratulations to your next placement, we'll miss you and they're very lucky to get you x

Jo demonstrating monoprinting at our Revive session last month
Well that it for this year guys, be kind to yourselves over Christmas and I'll see you in the new year

Chairs away and studio ready for a new year clean

Danae xx