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Little Bird SOS are absolutely thrilled to have been chosen by 16 young people undertaking the National Citizenship Service (NCS) in Leicester as their social action project.  NCS provides the opportunity for young people to build skills for work and life by taking on new challenges and making new friends.  There are three phases to their NCS experience including adventure, an outdoor residential experience, followed by skills phase then the final phase, called 'Make a Difference' where the groups go out into the local community to support a good cause and make their mark.

They will be planning lots of fundraising events over the next month to support the work we do, as well as raising awareness of our organisation and the impact this has on the lives of those we support.

Below are a few words from Elise, who explains their reason for choosing us for their 'Make a Difference' social action phase and their excellent awareness raising campaign they have launched as part of their work.

Elise says:

'As part of our NCS programme, myself and my team take part in a social action project by which we select a charitable concern that we feel will benefit from our support, such as fundraising and raising awareness. We are delighted to say the cause our team have chosen to support is the Little Bird SOS. Because mental health issues is a growing disorder in this day and age, with people living longer and better diagnosis, we particularly favoured this cause. As a team we figured that by supporting this cause it could make a big impact to this organisation and also it could potentially help those suffering, to realise that help is available. Our team want to help raise awareness for Little Bird SOS through our hashtag #invisiblebutvisible. Although mental health and wellbeing issues are not always visible, we want to make it visible through the hashtags. Along with our hashtag we created a hand gesture where we cover our mouths with our hands linked by the thumbs, to create a bird hand gesture to represent 'the Little Bird'. Not only this, but having the gesture covering half of our face demonstrates the idea that although mental health issues are not visible to others, it doesn't mean that they are not forgotten.'

UPDATE 2016 - The final amount raised was £844.53 which is an amazing achievement! We have been so impressed with all of the hard work undertaken by team 5.  They have been brilliant at raising awareness of the work we do, as well as helping to raise vital funds to ensure that we can keep delivering art and craft workshops to improve mental health and wellbeing for people in our local community.  It's initiatives like this that help small organisations, like ours, to thrive and survive.  Excellent work everyone - your social action has been very much appreciated by the Little Bird SOS community - you are all awesome and we wish you all the very best for the future.


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