Autumn Leaves

My favourite time of year and my favourite place.

It took me a while to be able to get out of the house this morning cause of all the things I felt I needed to do and the stress/worry/anxiety I was feeling.  But then I realised the thing I really needed to do was take some time for me - to feel, create, be appreciated and feel safe; so here I am at Little Bird SOS.
What a fabulous morning.  We made bowls out of leaves.
I love walking through leaves and scrunching them underfoot but today we took the time to rummage through them by hand and pick out our favourite ones to make a bowl; lovely.

The smell of the leaves, the colours, the shapes and the beautiful company of beautiful people has been well worth the £5 I can only just afford.

Sticking leaves, with PVA glue to a clingfilmed covered bowl
smoothing down leaves by covering the stickness with clingfilm
removing cling film once leaves smoothed down
Leaf flowers, an additional activity for those that finished their leaf bowls
Greetings card with a leaf buttonhole
Beauty in the scraps destined for the compost

If you would like to make your own leaf bowl, there is a detailed tutorial on the 'Thinly Spread' website where we found the inspiration for this weeks Revive Session

Thank you to Jen for helping us prepare for the session


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