Making Poppies and Friends

What a fabulous morning, the sun is shining, its Little Bird SOS time and I don't feel grumpy.
We made poppies, at the Revive session, today for the poppy appeal.  We kept one for ourselves and we'll sell the rest in honour of the yearly poppy appeal, it feels good to raise money for such a worthy cause.
using a candle to singe fabric
Production was full on this morning with lots of conversation including one about 'the man they dug up, in Leicester' ..... fantastic!  We've had a few new people today as well as us regulars and if you'd like to come and join us, you'll be very welcome too.  

Peace poppies -variation on a theme
Hope to see you soon,
 If you are local to Leicester, please pop by our studio to purchase a poppy.  A donation will be made to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal for each poppy sold 

Dec 2017 Update - we raised £36.03 for the Poppy Appeal



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