It's amazing what you can do with wool

Before coming back to LBSOS this September, depression was with me constantly and I got very little rest from it.  On the drive into Greenacres, this morning, I had a little warmth with the anticipation and memory of what I got from being here before the summer holiday.  Then arriving and feeling the welcome from the nurturing, acceptance of Lisa and the familiarity of such a creative space, helped me to leave some of the weight of what I was carrying, at the door......... AND breathe........(( I hope there were enough commas in that paragraph to make it legible ))

Today Lisa took us through a process of looking at what we are about to create, whilst taking in the beautiful view outside, by grounding us (looking at the layers of what we could see and hearing the hum of life, beyond the barrier of the walkway and I couldn't help but smell the cut grass).  (I must video her for you one day, shes inspiringly warm.)

A reflection of what it looks like beyond our studio door
Its amazing what you can create with a piece of card and loads of wool.  I managed to recreate a memory I had, from a recent holiday with the children and whilst doing it I remembered the feeling I had, when I saw the sunset over the sea.   For an hour I kept hold of that and felt a sense of relaxing and realised I had quite tense shoulders.   I think it's how meditation must feel.

I met the very approachable, gentle Jo, who is with us until December, from Loughborough University, on her placement and the very stylish Maxilyn was with us, helping and giving us confidence with colour.  The drinks were freeflowing and biscuits were delicious...... come and join us and meet some fabulous people x


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