Happiness can be as simple as fresh knickers!

Hello, there

If the only thing you've managed to do is get dressed today, congratulate yourself anyway!  Some days it's like that, but coming to Little Bird SOS can be a getaway from all the stresses you may be experiencing in your everyday life.  For me its the 'light' of the week.  You're accepted, encouraged (without pressure), merely left to explore your creativity or supported to create something you wish to make.

Yesterday. after a migraine for half of the day, my 10 year old child had to cook his own tea, so I didn't feel like the most accomplished of mothers.  But, as Lisa pointed out when I spoke to her about it, it's quite an achievement for a 10 year old.  I'm feeling quite good that I've managed to get here and, as a homeless friend once said, happiness can be something as simple as clean knickers.

Everyone was in quiet contemplation today whilst painting the pots we'd made last week.  Some of us talked over difficult situations we'd experienced during the week, others just immersed themselves in the activity.  For me, I just painted what felt good at that time. I had intended for mine to be pink but somehow got sidetracked with bright green, yellow and splashes of silver.  Hey ho, what ever feels right go for it, right?  (Well, except for acts of violence of course, hehe).  There was more clay for us to make something different but I think we all just enjoyed the painting.


Even if you don't feel like you can create anything, come along. You might surprise yourself. I have.