Getting Down and Dirty

We played with air drying clay today; coiling it to make pots.  An artist called Grayson Perry uses this technique; have a look, they're fantastic.  Lisa describes him as 'reflecting and challenging modern society'...

It was lovely to see a lady we'd not seen for a while and another lady, who's car battery was flat in the morning, who still turned up to have a drink with us towards the end.  If you're not here, at the group, you are missed and we hope you're alright.

There's lots of quiet contemplation whilst creating and in those quiet times you can hear the hum of life happening all around.

The pots looks easy to make, however, when someone had a plan, it wasn't turning out as they wanted, they got 'some unexpected beauty' instead.  I don't like getting dirt under my nails and even I enjoyed 'getting down and dirty'.