Perhaps it's rolling around in the debris of the car...

Wow, what lovely comments I've had about last week's blog.  I hope I can live up to it again.  I used the  paper I made last week to wrap my sister and niece's birthday presents, it was a lovely feeling.
There's a real sense of peace in the room today, with some people yawning away from a broken nights sleep and others immersing themselves in their designing.  The room is so organised with fabulous pockets of people's creativity; I'd live here if I could.     
We took the potato printing from paper to fabric this week, so next week we can make something or embellish what we've done here.  (Personally my house and head is so chaotic at home, I'll never get it done there)

Don't worry if you haven't been here, to our Revive session, this week and would like to join us next, because there is another project to do, a woven dangly thingy, to be named at a later date. Ooo we've just found the name: Ojo de Dios.  
Cutting out the potato was more enjoyable for me this week because we'd done it before and I felt more relaxed with the possibility of getting it wrong, and actually FYI - here nothing is wrong, it's just an different kind of expression of creativity.


Lisa always brings out beautiful books to take inspiration from.  Wherever your head is (perhaps it's rolling around in the debris of the car...) bring it along and get to know yourself some more.  Personally I love it.



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