Little Bird SOS retail therapy!

Little Bird SOS has now expanded to accommodate a shop within their space in Room 105 at Greenacres.  It's generally open whenever we have a session running, though you'll frequently be able to catch us at other times, often when there's special events happening at the Great Central Railway.  Feel free to Contact Us if you'd like to make sure we're ready for you.

We sell gifts, cards, jewellery and other items made from recycled and natural resources.  We very rarely buy anything brand new to make items from and we respond to the things we acquire along the way, often by donation.  We do have some a favourite lines though, such as our felted flowers and saree corsages.

We also sell wool in our shop - we have a good supply so if you're starting a project we might have what you need.

When you buy something from us you get not only a beautifully hand crafted item (or item to be!), you also help out your local community.  All profits go towards meeting our social aims.