Do You Like My Furry One?

Wow, what a lovely morning.  Craft feels like a direct link to my soul and the expression of myself; a challenge for anyone finding out who they are.

It's been a time of reflection for me, making my Ojo de Dios (God's Eye), remembering the early years with my children and the colours they loved and those colours which have reflected my depression, anxiety and, in turn, the discovery of me.  I surrounded mine with the darkness of black which encompasses the whole range of colours which have represented my time with my children and, at each point, surrounded by my love for them.
Although I've had some lovely responses to these blog entries, Friday mornings are not about me (although it is about me, for me). Fridays are about all those who attend and their self discovery/time. 

A few thoughts have passed through my head this morning during my time of reflection:

Drink water (look after yourself)

Patience is a virtue I have to practise

Be still and feel love, I am blessed by those in my life.

The Ojo I feel was the Mexican's communal (coming together to create and support), spiritual, soulful time to understand that which is beyond our understanding i.e. everything that has to happen to create a human life (serendipity/kismet), which is beyond our understanding.

The Furry One!

Be love and give love.

When you're angry, don't take it out on others, search in yourself for the reason and be angry at that.

The ultimate challenge is this; tearing yourself away from your thoughts and 'relaxedness' to go to the loo, remember to drink your drink and don't forget the biscuits.