Made by Nature :: Hand-Carved Crochet Hooks

Making things from found, or waste materials, is an important aspect of my sustainability aims.

Recently I have tried my hand at wood whittling and I find it a totally absorbing process.  I have been obsessively making crochet hooks from fallen twigs.  These are selected during woodland walks, or on foraging trips to local parks. Looking for an interesting stick is quite Zen, (like looking for interesting pebbles or shells on a beach), and is a fundamental part of the making process. When I find the right twig it seems magical, like a wand in my hand, and I get excited before I have even started to work on it!

I always use fallen twigs (Natures discards), and I choose the ones with most interesting shapes, colours and textures. I think when I fashion a twig or stick into a crochet hook, it is crucial that I maintain the integrity of the originals' shape. Conveniently, many of the natural curves and twists in a found twig, will provide a natural handle for the hook. I think I do not so much change the twig into a hook, as gradually reveal the hook that was already there!

Each hook is totally unique and individual, exactly like the people that will use them.  It is important to me that the hooks also fulfil their function and 'crochet', and I enjoy test driving each of them before I offer them for sale. I am an expert at crochet and I fully understand the anatomy of a hook.

A believer in natural simplicity, my intervention in the shape, size and gauge is minimal, and I like to fashion the hook, then apply simple beeswax and coconut oil to preserve the condition of the wood and make it silky to the touch. The natural oils from your own busy hands will continue this process of preserving the tool, so it is important that you use your crochet hook to make lots of beautiful things!

If you would like to purchase one of my crochet hooks click on one of the images, that will take you to our Etsy shop , on the on the right hand side of this post.  Little Bird SOS positively engages with people to provide life enrichment, education, socialisation, creative distraction and personal growth. Most of our, eco friendly, items are made by participants who access our health and wellbeing activities. As a non-profit making organisation, all of the proceeds from our sales go towards supporting the social aims of our organisation which are of particular benefit to people experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. supporting our social aims of supporting mental health and wellbeing. - Happy Crocheteing!- Lisa