Volunteer Days

Today was our first volunteers day.  We opened our doors, inviting people in to help generate income for our small organisation so we can continue to help others.  We run sessions that support health and wellbeing and our work particularly benefits people who experience mental health difficulties.
In this first session we cut cereal boxes into 13 x 13cm squares and collaged little bits of interesting paper patterns that we have been saving that included the insides of envelopes and bits of handmade paper.  We added a variety of shapes, some monoprinted, some block printed and some drawn by hand images. 
Look at these wonderful results:
We're also making the envelopes from old magazines and will be selling these, with the cards online soon.  We will also be making copies of some of the cards and getting prints for a more affordable range of cards.
We plan to meet on a weekly basis, changing the craftmaking every couple of weeks
All of the proceeds will go towards supporting our aims ensuring that we can continue our activities long into the future.