Name Change :: Meet the Directors

The eagle eyed readers of our blog will have noticed a name change.  But for those of you who haven't, we have officially changed our name from Little Bird School of Stitchcraft to Little Bird SOS.  The reason for this was that we felt that we were doing more than offering just stitched based activities, we were moving more toward delivering a variety of arts and crafts related workshops in other disciplines such as printmaking, pottery, papercrafts etc.  We did contemplate a totally different name but felt that we didn't want to loose the Little Bird bit as we had worked really hard in gaining a reputation locally and didn't want to have to start all over.  The SOS bit, is a nod to the former 'School of Stitchcraft' but we felt it also reflects the idea of us supporting people in times of urgent need.  As you know we support health and wellbeing and are particularly interested in targeting people experiencing mental health difficulties.  SOS seemed to fit really well. 

Along with our new name, we also have a new image.  We are lucky to have the support of artist Dave Pidgeon who made an awesome logo and banner for our website:

You many have noticed that I use the term 'we'.  Well I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce two important people, who have made us a 'we' and who've been very supportive in helping Little Bird SOS get to where it is today.  Last year, when we registered as a Social Enterprise/Non-Profit Organisation, both Jacqui Booth and Lindsey Warnes Carroll became non-executive directors .  This was a sensible move for me as they'd both been advising and supporting Little Bird SOS.  I felt that the time was right to make their roles official  - things were positively progressing and I felt that I couldn't move forward alone.
You can find out more about us all on the website here.
In the meantime check out more about our projects, past and present here.