Cheap Thrills :: Zero Budget Film Festival Winners!

Over the summer holidays, we had the opportunity to make a film, at the workshop, for a community event known as the Cheap Thrills, Zero Budget Film Festival.  I went along with my children because they wanted to make films.  I didn't really have the chance to plan anything, as we had just returned from our holidays, but as I was going to be there all day so I slung a few balls of wool in my bag as I had the vague idea of doing a finger knitting film. I have always wanted to do this but never seemed to find the time or confidence to do it.

It was a really lovely relaxed workshop run by Martin Currie hosted in Janet Currie's (Martin's sister) home.

We were encouraged to help each other in our film making endcvours and were inspired by the lovely surroundings of their garden:
Helping Martin with the filming
Hooty Mcknowsit

When everyone had finished making their films, Martin asked me if I wanted to make a film.  I told him that I had a bit of wool in my bag and thought about making a film about finger knitting but wasn't sure how to present it.  He asked me to show him how it is done and filmed me doing it.  I made a bit of a mistake but thought it could be easily edited out.  Anyway the film was made in one take and here it is - 'Finger Knitting - The Movie':

There were over 40 films shown, each no longer than 8 minutes, at the festival, that took place in both Sheffield and Leicester.  The great thing about this festival is that it is free to take part in the film making, free to enter a film and free to go to the festival itself.  I love this. The icing on the cake was that we won an award, a Peggie,  for 'The Film Most Likely To Go Viral And Make Us All Famous!
My son also won an award ' Best Young Performer'  for his film 'Gaming is Good for you'

I am really hooked on film making.  The experience of making a film is not quite as daunting as I always thought it was.  Martin was very laid back making us all feel relaxed and this helped us to be creative.  I realise also that the film does not have to be perfect, as you will have seen from mine, the mistakes can be happy mistakes providing comedy moments.  I would highly recommend that, if you have a burning desire to make a film, that you go for it and submit it to this brilliant film festival in 2015.  Who know's, you could be the winner of a Peggie next year!


PS: There are also picture instructions here - Finger Knitting Instructions