Friday, 7 February 2014

Granny Blankets and Buntings

I've just spent the last two Thursday evenings, in the company of some delightful ladies, at Cross Corners Community Arts Centre where my studio is based.

The aim was to discover how to make a 'Granny Square' to make blankets and bunting.

From the pictures below you will see that everyone achieved that goal and more...
Also some variations on the granny square theme - granny triangles including some mini pompoms made with a dinner fork...
But the most important part about creative making, is to ensure that your energy levels are kept topped up with a lovely bit of cake.  Little Red Hen made ours.  We had delicious pumpkin, orange and ginger cake followed by scones and jam.  Yum...
I really love showing people how to crochet.  It looks impossible but it is not too difficult.  The best part is meeting new people and seeing their enthusiam and delight when they realise they have cracked a new skill.  It's wonderful and I cherish every moment of self discovery that I witness.

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