Monday, 6 January 2014

Healthy Eating and Sewing

Following from my last post about the Five Ways to Wellbeing, I have been taking time to Connect with food paying particular attention to my children's diet.  Earlier this year, I did a 'Spring Clean' healthy eating programme for a month with 'Eat, Smile, Live' and I have to say it really made me think about my relationship with food and my general attitude to my own wellbeing.  You can read more about it in a previous post.  Through the spring clean programme, I found out about 100 days of real food and became captivated by their section on school lunches.  I have never found school lunches to be the most nutritious and am not really happy that they don't cook fresh on site anymore.  We have always sent the children to school with a packed lunch because I feel happier knowing that they are getting a balanced fresh meal and not re-warmed food made with substandard ingredients.  Also, I love sitting down at the table and eating a meal with them in the evenings and they seem to appreciate that.  This website gives loads of ideas for making lunches a bit more adventurous and I have invested in food flasks so they can take warm food such as soup and pasta to school now.  I particularly liked the idea of providing  re-usable napkins.  My lass is terrible for wiping her mouth on her collar or sleeve and often I have had to throw stuff away because it is so badly stained.
Anyway, because I had a bit of time on my hands, with it being the christmas holidays, and because I had the desire to do something useful for both me and my girl, together we designed and made our own re-useable napkins for her lunchbox...
From the above drawings my lass did, I was able to translate them into these...
I backed them with retro brushed cotton for extra softness for wiping her sticky fingers and mucky chops...
She absolutely loves them and I think she will be very pleased to show her friends her artwork.  I really love her pictures and it was a delight to be able to transfer them to cloth.
Sorry about the quality of the images today.  It was such a dull wet day.  Not great for photography!

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