Getting Festive :: An Homemade Advent Calendar

The realisation, yesterday, that it was the last day of November, and that I had not thought about the advent calendar thing for the kids, gave me an excuse to do something creative with them.
I have a couple of old books so we quickly came up with an idea of using the pages of the books to make pouches. We started by folding the page of the book in half and stitched down the short sides leaving an opening at the top...
 Both the lad and the lass stitched their own pockets
 Then we cut out numbers using the pages of magazines and the insides of envelopes that we had stashed away...
 We then stuck the numbers to the paper pouches...
And then added lovely swiss chocolate to them, not all of them though, one or two have secret messages inside which will lead to an extra special treat.
 We then stitched them closed
 And put into a basket for the countdown...
 We used different stitches for closing them, zigzag stitches for the lass and running stitch for the lad just so there are no arguements.
 Guess who this one belongs to?
Opening them is easy, just rip!
 One gone, 24 more to go - yum!