Wellbeing Hi-5 :: Stitchcraft and Poetry part 2

The second workshop for the Wellbeing Hi - 5 Celebrations, with Lindsey Warnes Carroll, was much bigger than our first workshop and was all female.  Some of the participants knew each other but most did not.  Our workshops start with introductions and we do something called the 'name game'.  This was something that I discovered in my days as a research nurse when I went on a 'train the trainer' course run by Cancer Research UK.  Participants are asked to write the name, they like to be called by, onto a piece of card.  They are invited to draw pictures, around their name, of the things that mean something to their name or pictures of their hobbies or interests to encourage a starting point for conversations. To inspire the creative making process we shared a wide range of poems covering the different stages of life and emotions inviting participants to doodle whilst we did this.  The doodles provided the inspiration for the creation of the wall hangings...
 Although the group was big the environment the group was very supportive with lots of idea sharing.  A diverse range of discussions and people felt safe to share their innermost thoughts and feelings which impacted on our wellbeing as workshop facilitators.  It was humbling to be part of this experience.  
Here are a few of the wall hangings that were created at the workshop:

 To Autumn, John Keats
At the end of the workshop we asked our participants to complete a sentance to give us an idea of how they felt after doing this workshop.  Here are some of the responses:

I feel...

...'happy.  It was a lovely session and has made me feel more confident that I will try another'

...'happy and a sense of achievement'

...'more confident to finish my work at home,  Found it relaxing'


...'Inspired (hopefully)'


...'Peaceful and pleased with myself'

...'Quite elated.  Forgot my problems for a while'

...'Inspired to write and read poetry and do more creative craft work'

Following the workshop we had an email from a participant who was inspired to write this poem and finish off her beautiful wall hanging:



Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,

Seasons of the year.

Each one brings something different,

Yet each holds something dear.

From child to youth to adulthood,

Then on to elderly man.

These stages have not been reversed

Since life on earth began.

And so the hands are never still,

The clock just ticks away.

The changes are quite subtle

But they're happening each day.

So, don't sit idle meditating,

Looking for the reason.

Make sure you live and love and laugh

And enjoy every season.

written by Carol Mogano

                inspired by the Poetry & Textiles Workshop in Hinckley Library 10th October 2013
Carols finished wall hanging alongside her poem: