Wellbeing Hi-5 :: Stitchcraft and Poetry part 3

The third poetry and stitchcraft work workshop for the Wellbeing Hi -5 celebrations with Lindsey Warnes Carroll, took place in Loughborough Library and was for a specially selected group of daycare centre users and their carers which made it a different experience to our first and second workshops
Participants where inspired by the range of  effective multi-sensory experiences we provided.  Participants talked about their childhood memories  of climbing, and playing under, trees whilst digging deep into our tub of autumn leaves and smelling their musky scents.
Carers were on hand to help with the creative making process, supporting those that stuggled with the fine motor skills that were required for the creative making part of the workshop...
It was great to see carers involved and absorbed in the creative making.  Lindsey and myself feel strongly that carers need caring for too!
 And here are some of the finished creations...

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