The Big Draw :: The biggest crochet sculpture in the world.

I had a couple of lovely days at Snibston Discovery Museum recently.  I was asked to run some drop-in workshops over half term for 'The Big Draw' event.  We didn't exactly draw anything, but with did use our fingers and yarn to do a bit of knitting - a kind of creative drawing exercise with wool!
We had a massive source of inspiration in front of us, in the form of the biggest single handed crochet sculputure in the world -the 3 lions that made up the Lionheart Project which currently reside in the museum.  I have done lots of work that complements this project, and I was really pleased to be asked to run these workshops.
Over the 2 days that I was there, we had over 60 visitors pass by and have a go at finger knitting, French knitting on home made looms and some of the smaller visitors had a go with using a crochet hook to thread yarn onto mini lions.
Lots of fun and wonderment was had by all and parents entered into the spirit of the creative process while those awesome lions gazed down.  One little boy pointed to them and said 'I want to make one of those please'.  Sit right down and lets get started!...
And whilst all these fingers were busy there was the occassional glance up towards the lions and questions followed about how the lions were made and how can you make those with just a hook? What's underneath them?  Why were they made?  Who made them?  What are they made with?  
We had a stash of the wool that was left over from the project so visitors where able to have a feel of the yarn used to make the lions.
 Little fingers making their first tentative steps into the world of yarn...
And lots of lovely things were created.  Children feel a sense of achievement when the create something meaninful...
Headbands were very popular!
Thank you to Claire and Jayne for helping me with this workshop over the 2 days.  It was fun!

Free Finger Knitting Tutorial