Everybody's Reading Festival 2013 :: On being a zombie!

Today, I had fun being a zombie.  At short notice I was asked by the talented poet and spoken word artist Lydia Towsey to be the resident zombie artist at the Medieval popup  Library in Leicester Train station for the Everybody's Reading Festival 2013 taking place over the next week in Leicester.  What fun I had...
 Gav Gore, horror makeup artist, did an excellent job of transforming me into a zombie.
 And the end result was truly terrifying!
People came and chatted as if chatting to the undead was an everyday occurrence.  It was, well, weird.  Folk were more surprised that the book's in the medieval library were being given away for free.  Lots of people passed through, watching a zombie craft zombie's from wool, and it was great to have the support of familiar friends.

Secret agents from the KGB (Knitting Guerillas of Birstall) may have sneaked a few of their delightful woolly zombies into the library too.
But, oh dear, somebody got bit - I fear there may be a zombie epidemic about to break out in Leicester.  Good job Leicester City Council has a proposed zombie policy.  You had better read it- just in case.
To join in more zombie fun during the Everybody's Reading Festival, check out 'Reading Zombies at the Y' an evening of zombies with Lydia Towsey et al on Monday 30th Sept at the Y theatre, Leicester or for children (and their grown ups) 'Adventures in Zombieland' with performer and professional storyteller, Lindsey Warnes-Carroll and myself on Saturday 5th October at the Curve theatre, Leicester, where we will be making three-dimensional monstrous characters from recycled textiles which will feature in a story!


  1. What a brilliant, if slightly scary, initiative! Well done to all for kick starting the Festival in such a dramatic way!

    1. And the zombie fun doesn't end there - the apocalypse may be about to start in Leicester!

  2. She's up to it again at the Festival of Words, Nottingham. Lydia is hosting a game of Zombie Masterbrainz, October 19, 3-4pm (2014) Old Market Square. Come and join us and get a new make over...http://nottwords.org.uk/events/sunday/index.html


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