Summer holidays :: slowing the pace

A gift for teacher
And now the school holidays have started.   It's a great time to relax and connect with the children. Creativity features high on our agenda. We're slowly slipping into a slower pace of life and noticing those little things that you often miss when you're in a rush.

A tin was bought home from school. Inside a beautiful selection of carefully collected pencil nibs my lass had collected. They look so colourful and inspirational. It seems a shame to shut them in their tin.

 We found lots of black currants in the garden.  I love it when the garden becomes a pantry.

We made a loom from bits of willow in the garden.  The warp strands are made from very special wool left over from the Lionheart project who donated to my other group the KGB.

And today I made, and ate, jam from those lovely blackcurrants found in the garden.  Full of pectin it was so easy to make.  The recipe came from the River Cottage Handbook, Number 2 by Pam Corbin - highly recommended!