Summer holidays :: crafty rags

I've been busy crafting.  A mean feat in this sweltering heatwave but I've managed to make a big ball of yarn from the lining from an old pair of curtains (see this tutorial here to find out how to make your own yarn).  Lily said the ball of yarn was as big as her head and insisted on a photo.  I had to stop her from playing football with it!  

I've hooked up a basket or two (see this tutorial here).  They only took a couple of hours to make.   Lily thought they looked good as hats.  They will contain the fabric for a workshop I shall be running where I shall be showing the techniques required for ragrug making using sacking cloth.  We shall be making corsages like the one above but the skills can be transferred to a bigger project. Am also putting together some kit boxes for these and all the contents will be from renewable sources.  It's taking a bit of a long time but I hope to be able to sell them online soon!