Rag rug making: a homemade extra large darning needle

For simple knot rug making like in my Amish Knot Rug tutorial or for general darning for very loose woven large knits I have invented this simple tool with my children.

 Take a 5 - 6 inch stick of wood from your garden (I used willow in its first year of growth) and strip off the bark.  Leave overnight to dry off.

 The next day, sand smooth with fine grade sandpaper and  sharpen the end of your stick with a pencil sharpener or a craft knife.

 Take a net curtain screw and twist it into the flat end of your stick

And there you have it, an extra large darning needle ready for threading your chunky yarn!
 If you don't have time to make your own, check our online shop for these beautiful handcarved darning needles, perfect for making toothbrush/Amish knot rugs


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