Knitted Finger Moustaches

I promised a quick tutorial on the knitted finger moustaches I made for my daughters handmade party bags last month last month so here it is.

You will need:
3.50 or 3.25mm knitting needles (9 or 10 imperial)
Flesh coloured DK yarn (light worsted)
A small piece of felt of your preferred colour.  I used black felt made from old jumpers (see tutorial on felting jumpers here)
Needle and thread

Using the 'thumb' or 'long tail' method, cast on 10 stitches

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl

Repeat the above 2 rows (stocking stitch) 10 times more until you have 20 rows:

Cast off leaving a 5 inch tail and use to stitch the short ends together to form a tube.

Next, using this pdf template which you can download from here print off and cut out the moustache shape.

Next, pin paper moustache to your felt and cut out.

Next, stitch your felt moustache to your knitted tube.  I stitched it to the seam so that is was hidden behind the felt moustache:

 Next, slip your in finger in the tube there you have it - one moustached lady!
"Gid Moaning. I am officer crabtree. I wark for British Ontelligence bot I have disgeezed maseelf as a poloceman so I am oble to move aboot with complate frodom"

Name that British sitcom?