Lara the puppy

I have spent the morning finishing off a little project that my daughter set me.  Lara was first spotted in the lastest 'Mollie Makes' magazine and it was love at first sight:
 Her entrance into the world was rather fiddly given the length of the legs in relation to the length of the body coupled with the fact that my amazing indestructable sewing machine was destructable afterall (it's awaiting some maintainance).  Still we have the JL mini sewing machine which is good for lightweight projects.
We decided to give it my signature Tim Burtonesque look with some extra surgical stitches here and there but Lily drew the line at my suggestion to make it into a zombie dog.  Anyway she loves her little puppy dog, that she has called Lara, and is planning a welcome picnic for her as I type!
If you would like to make your own Lara dog (aka known by the exciting name of 'a plushie dog') designed by Tania Ho you can download a copy here but there are no instructions.  You will have to buy the lastest copy of Mollie Makes magazine for that!


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