Garter Yoke Ravelry Pattern

There's nothing like the prospect of a new baby to get the knitting needles clacking.  As always the ever useful knit and crochet community Ravelry had just the pattern for my need.

This lovely garter yoke baby cardigan was knitted on a circular needle and is seamless so virtually no need for sewing lots of pieces together.  Once I finished the cardigan I decided to make another Lara Puppy like the one I wrote about in my previous post, along with a couple of hand crocheted cloths and a Morsbag to put it all in.  The only thing missing was an hand made card.  By coincidence, I met a lady called Sabina from Sabivo Design at a creative networking event, run by Creative Leicestershire , last night and she whipped out a bunch of most beautiful hand painted greeting cards and told me to choose one to keep, and there amongst the pile of lovelies was one for a baby girl.   

I feel really happy that I can hand over a gift that has been handmade.  It's given me a real sense of achievement.  Perhaps you would like to share your stories about gifts you have handmade for someone?  I would love to hear about them and how it made you feel when you handed the gift over.