Beach art

The summer sun and the call of nature enticing me to the nearest coast has me thinking of long lazy days on the beach.  I love wandering along the beach looking for unusual rocks and shells, picking up bits of sea sculptured wood to incorporate into a sand sculpture.  I love to sculpt the sand into something and then sit and watch the sea reclaim it as its own.

Often, when walking along beaches I will come across bits of plastic and, if the beach is really dirty, other undesirable bits and pieces.  It makes me sad to think that our seas and beaches are being polluted by things that will take probably hundred's of years to decompose not to mention the gases that it gives off in the process.

I came across this pair of talented artists who have created these fantastic works of art from plastic that they have foraged from the Californian coastline.  Richard and Judith Lang have managed to take these ugly pieces of debris and recreate them into something stunning.

Here are just a few samples of their work that I have put together for your pleasure:

obanten by Judith Selby-Lang and Richard Lang

Cheese Spreaders
Cheese spreaders

Beach combs

You can read more about their work and some interesting facts about plastic at this link: Plastic Forever