I have aquired lots of children's clothes and amongst them denim items.  I get all these clothes to sort through.  The good quality ones get refreshed, repaired and sold via this popular auction site.  Those that don't quite make the grade for a second life in their current state, get washed and cut up for use as something else.  Now I have all these patches of denim in varying shades of blueness but what to make with them.  My first sense is to do something patchworky, maybe a cushion.  Here are a few items I have chosen for inspiration:

I love the random nature of this cushion by J Augur Design

Blue Stripes Cushion by Laura Clifford Textiles

The main inspiration of all is around me daily and that has to be my partners paintings.  His main passion is abstract art and his ability to construct an aesthetically pleasing piece of work is far better than mine.    I love the fact that we can have beautiful and original art on our walls at home and I never take this for granted.  I really respect this quality in him and together we are working on combining his artistic skills with my needlework skills to create something original and unique.  These are on our sitting room walls at the moment:

Convergence Spots

In Kilter

And from our collaboration we have come up with our own interpretation of abstract art translated into a cushion design using scraps of denim and other recycled textiles and stuffed with Cornish, soil association approved, organic sheep's wool:
In Kilter - the cushion version!
Reel Around the Fountain



  1. What a talented pair you are ........I think the "In Kilter" cushion is just brilliant and what a fab way to use up scraps of fabric...

  2. Thanks for the compliment - we're on a roll at the moment!

  3. Now where's that old pair of jeans?


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