Happy birthday to me

In celebration of my birthday I bring to you the delights of recycled cards and packaging.  There are so many clever people out there making absolutely beautiful things, to celebrate special events, out of everyday things that we send off for recycling.    I really dislike paying out for mass produced cards as well as all that wrapping paper that, in all probability, thousands of other people will receive for their birthdays and probably chuck out after a few days of being displayed on a shelf in the sitting room.  It's so special to receive a card that someone has made with their own hands or a present that has been lovingly wrapped with handmade paper making it unique and for you only.  I am more likely to keep an handmade card or try and salvage packaging that has been lovingly made. The cards that my children made for me are, most definately my favorites, and will be cherished for years to come!

recycled greeting cards
Handmade cards by Craft stylish

Bird Silhouette
Silhouette card by the Spotted Sparrow

Recycled paper cards and packaging by design*sponge

A wonderful idea that cuts down on waste and great for sending presents throught he post:
The ebay box by Packaging of the World


  1. I love the ebay box, a great idea and I'd love to receive a present wrapped up in the dotty ribbon.


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